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The Ski Beat experience.
Just as your ski gear should feel comfortable and warm, so too should your catered chalet experience, says Emma Knight, Ski Beat’s Operations Director extraordinaire. Here, the woman working behind the scenes, discusses just what goes into creating the much-loved Ski Beat experience.

“A positive first impression lays the groundwork for a really enjoyable and memorable experience,” says Emma, the woman responsible for making every customer’s Ski Beat journey a thoroughly enjoyable one. “A guest’s final impression will have the most powerful and lasting impact, and that’s why we strive to ensure that every aspect of the Ski Beat journey – from the moment you book with us, right up until the time you arrive home – is nothing short of positive.”

The engine that keeps Ski Beat’s operations running smoothly, Emma plays an integral role in making sure every customer’s experience is a perfect one. Based in Ski Beat’s French office, she got her first taste for the mountains when she was 14-years- old. “I was lucky enough to be able to go on a school trip,” she fondly recalls. “I really, really enjoyed it. Thankfully my brother got the same opportunity as I did and so, we dragged our parents into it as well!” And so began her love affair with all things ski.



Emma Knight, Operations Director

“It’s the fresh air and that stunning scenery all around you,” she explains. “It’s difficult to describe just how impressive the views are when you’re standing right in front of those mountains.”


When it comes to working in those mountains, it’s clear Emma is just as passionate. She has a great team working with her, and that’s what she puts Ski Beat’s success down to. Staff, suppliers, transport logistics – they all play a vital role in the Ski Beat experience. And, as Emma tells us, there is an entire team dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly. “I’ve got a really fantastic team here who support me in every aspect. Everyone has their different role to ensure that everything that’s meant to happen happens! We can put all the suppliers and products and everything else in place but the ones who really make the experience are the resort team.”


It’s not just the customers’ happiness Emma considers when it comes to ensuring that perfect Ski Beat medley of warmth and comfort – it’s the staff’s happiness too. “Making sure the team are content is a big part of it,” she explains. “the chalet host’s role, for example, can be very challenging, but we’re all here for the same reason, and that’s our love for the mountains. I want to make sure that staff are also out there on the slopes enjoying their time, and in turn, they can pass on that joie de vivre to our guests.” 

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