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What the press say about working for Ski Beat

The men and women, who range from new university graduates, looking for a post-study change, to early retirees keen to develop and build new skills, but all sharing the same passion - that of being in the mountains.

Jeff Fuidge

Kent Online

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And Ski Beat certainly is a cut above the others, judged on this training day. The standard is high, but totally worth it. The company's many seasoned hosts on hand at The Avenue have been doing it for years and couldn't speak of the experience more highly. 


They stressed the importance of happy staff, which, for those planning on doing a season, is essential.

James Cove


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So who here feels they could do a season of chalet hosting?" asked Susie. We all looked at each other, noticing our rosy cheeks, shining brows and messy hair, and nodded vigorously. If I were a good skier, I would be tempted to sign up now.

Sophie Gardner-Roberts

France Magazine

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