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our hiring 


It all comes down to fit.

Our first step in recruiting our team each year is to attract the most suitable candidates to apply for positions with the company.


That includes being as clear as possible in our advertising and this website about the duties and rewards and also about the type of company we are and the type of people we’re looking for. We’re not for everyone and not everyone’s for us.

Our whole recruitment process has been designed to be:

  1. Transparent and fair on all candidates

  2. Efficient so that we don’t waste your time and can confirm employment or not as quickly as possible

The early stages of our hiring process are about the more practical aspects of the roles - essentially do you have the skills to undertake the job. The later stages are about fit - will you enjoy the job, will you work to a high standard.

recruitment steps.

1. Application Form 

There is no requirement to submit a CV. Through this website, you will complete a Job Application Form which covers:

  • Your personal details

  • Your preferred roles and resorts (it’s okay to express an interest in multiple roles and resorts), skills and experience

  • Why you think we’re a good match

2. Phone Screening/ 1st Stage Interview

Candidates who meet our Application Form criteria will be invited to take part in a short video call. This will cover:

  • Your understanding of the roles

  • Discuss your skills and experience

  • Answer any questions you may have

3. Skills Assessment & 2nd Stage Interview

Candidates who pass our Phone Screening will be invited to attend an assessment day which will be related to the cookery skills needed for the job. You will be given a full brief on the day, and once you have completed the practical task we will conduct a final interview. This final interview will cover:

  • More about your skills

  • Your motivation for wanting to work with Ski Beat

  • Your approach to your work

  • How you work with others

  • Answer any questions you may have

Our 24/25 assessment days will take place on the following dates in the UK:

  • Tuesday 2nd July in London

  • Tuesday 30th July in London

  • Wednesday 31st July in Leeds

  • Wednesday 21st August in London

  • Thursday 22nd August in Leeds

  • Thursday 5th September in London

4. Offer Letter & References

If you are successful at your Assessment Day we will send you an offer letter with your position details. We will also ask you for any personal information we might be missing, such as a copy of your passport. We will also ask for your references as all positions are subject to successful reference checking. 

5. That’s it!

We will continue be in touch with you in the run-up to the season, and in the meantime, you can ask us any questions or use our staff social media group to start meeting others joining us for the season.

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