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Applying from Great Britain

working a winter season

With positions which run from November to April each year, working a winter season can be a one-off opportunity to enjoy the mountains while developing your hospitality skills or a long-term complement to summer seasonal work.

Most of our available positions each year are for Chalet Hosts. The Chalet Host is responsible for delivering the Ski Beat catered chalet experience and successful candidates come from all walks of life including:

  • Enthusiastic home cooks (comfortable catering for up to 12 people).

  • Qualified or part-qualified catering or hospitality graduates looking to advance their career in a unique environment.

  • People already working in catering or hospitality looking develop their skills, to try something different or simply looking for a role to complement summer work.

  • People who run their own summer seasonal business such as restaurants or bed & breakfasts.

  • Single people, couples or friends looking to work together.

  • School leavers through to mid-career or retirees are all welcome to apply.

While we expect all candidates to meet a minimum standard before they join us, we provide world-class training and support to develop those skills during your time with our company. Many ex-Ski Beat chalet hosts have moved on to take senior roles in our business and other hospitality companies.

your entitlement to work in france

Since Brexit, candidates resident in Great Britain do not have an automatic entitlement to live and work in France. To work in France, you will require one of:

  • EU Passport

  • Established residency in France (Titre de Sejour)

  • Other means of legally working in France


For exceptional candidates from Great Britain with relevant chalet experience, Ski Beat can assist with French visa and residency applications. However, this process is time consuming and not guaranteed to succeed.

Note that residents of Northern Ireland who hold an Irish passport are legally entitled to live and work France.

If you don't already have one, you will be required to set up a Euro bank account (this can be an e-bank like Revolut) so that you can receive your salary.

the visa process

For those successful UK candidates, we will need to apply for a working visa for you to be able to legally employ you in France. There are several steps to this process so we are looking for candidates who are motivated and organised in order to follow this through. 

1. Ski Beat applies for a work permit - on your behalf, we will apply for permission from the French authorities for you to work for us. 

2. You apply for a long-stay visa - once your work permit has been approved, we will send it to you and you will need to make an application to the French embassy in the UK, and book an appointment to visit them (we will guide you through this).

3. You visit the embassy (or TLS Contact center) - you will need to go to your appointment with some supporting documents and hand over your passport for the visa to be issued.

4. You ask your doctor to sign a fit to work certificate - we will send you a blank form that will need to be completed by your doctor saying you are fit to work the chalet host job.

5. Pick up your passport and travel - once your passport has been returned, you can travel to France for the season.

6. Application for extension - you will normally be issued with a 3 month visa, and you will need to apply for it's extension online once you arrive in France (we will help you with this during training).

7. Issue of your Titre de Sejour Saisonnier - once you have completed all of these steps you will be issued with a Titre de Sejour Saisonnier, which will allow you to complete seasonal work in France for 6 months a year for 3 years. This will make it a lot easier if you choose to do another season in France!

find out more

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For more information on what it’s like to work a winter season in a chalet check out the video below and visit our Chalet Host page where you can submit your application.

If you have any questions or you’d like discuss whether this is the right role for you, please contact Phoebe or Mairi,  Ski Beat’s two Area Managers and our recruitment team. With a combined 14 years experience working a variety of roles in the French Alps, they will be able to answer any questions you might have. 

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